Monday, June 4, 2012

Choir 2012!

This year was so fun with choir as we have been teaching long enough now that we were able to recycle old musicals and songs from years before. I would say that this was one of my favorite performances and such a fantastic group of kids. Some years, when the 5th graders come in, they think they are getting a little too old to sing and do what we ask - so we get the token eye rolling and smirks...not this group! They were just amazing!
It just makes me love teaching music even more - there is such a fulfillment in seeing a child take to music and gain confidence in themselves! I just love it!

 Decorating for this event was almost as fun as teaching the music to the students!

 I loved making the paper napkin flowers - and I found the cool 
runner for my table at Paper Source...

 The zinnia flowers matched perfectly and I found the cute little chalkboard tablets at Michaels.

 Yellow Sixlet chocolates? Who knew? Soo fun!

 Caitlin and Hannah helped monitor all the little hands that were 
tempted to grab food during the performance.

 Bailey and her little singing buddies!

 The whole group waiting to go inside and perform.

 Parker loved the show!

 I COULD NOT do this without Jill at the piano. she s amazing and can play or transpose just about anything. We both no longer have kids at Miramar Ranch, but we still love to volunteer our time there for the sake of music!

This little girl of mine loves singing and she did such a great job!


Diane Riding said...

I SOOO wish we had been looked incredible, honey......great job!!! Congrats to all of you! I won't miss another one, I promise!!! Sorry I wasn't there to help with the refreshments......:(

erika said...

How fun Heather! I'm so sad I missed it this year! You did a great job with the decorations and refreshments, and I'm sure the show was equally as amazing.