Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break and beyond.....

This year, my kids had the best Spring Break with cousins 
in town and plenty of fun activities scheduled!
Rochelle was here with her kids for the week and we really made the most of it!

Grandpa and Grandma had typed up a list of activities for the kids to do during Spring Break...
they wasted no time at getting right on it!

First on the list was bowling! We have some real talent in this game - and the talent goes to Grandpa and Grandma - they rocked a 138 and 178 in scores! Crazy!

 We also went down to Coronado and rented the surrey carts! Every time we go to coronado, we wonder why we don't spend more time there!

 Just look at those views!

 The kids had an easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's which dod not disappoint!

 While Grandpa had the older kids down in Mexico deep sea fishing, 
we took the little ones to Inflatable World!

 They jumped and bounced until they were tuckered out!


We also got to celebrate Kellie's birthday by eating at Phil's BBQ, going to see Mirror Mirror {with an empty theater} and eating Sprinkles cupcakes!


tammy said...

Nothing like time with cousins. I love it when my sister and her kids come to town! I also love the to-do list of activities. So fun!

KelleyAnne said...

Looks so fun. I LOVE Sprinkles cupcakes!