Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter dinner!

After rochelle and Co. left, Taryn came down which brought even more cousins to play with! we enjoyed Easter dinner at Grandma Sue and Grandpa Rod's house this year - and let me just say that the adults Easter baskets came in form of the yummiest Easter dinner EVER!!! Can we all say Orange Rolls? ...and ham? and potatoes made with cocaine 
[seriously they were very dangerous]...It was all divine!

 After the Easter dinner, we were gathered together to discuss the Easter egg hunt  - complete with candy filled eggs and a few that even had money in them.

 Livvy was super excited to find an egg with a dollar in it!

 On monday we headed to the beach because the weather was beautiful!
Summer time just can't get here fast enough!

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tammy said...

That swimsuit with the ruffles is adorable!