Friday, February 17, 2012

This Holiday makes me happy!

Who doesn't love Valentine's Day? I get so excited to bake cookies, make treats and don't forget the valentines themselves! Those are so much fun! I am usually way more on top of this whole blog thing when it comes to the holidays, but I have been more consumed
 with training for this darn
 Half marathon next month. Ugghhhh!
But...Valentines Day did happen at our house 
and we loved every minute of it!
We had some people from China come for a visit. The little treat they brought is considered a delicacy in their country! We laughed so hard and I told the kids maybe if they were lucky Cupid would bring them some fish and almonds...Bart said " can't be that bad" as he scooped some fish in his mouth. No sooner had he said that and than he was running to puke into the sink. I think our children will stick to chocolate hearts and pez candy!

 On valentines Day, Cupid did make a visit and it was an all out sugar fest! I think I witnessed Parker enjoy a donut, some pez candy and a handful {or more} of conversation hearts!
 I know -  I am a great mom {Insert pure sarcasm!}

After school was just as fun because Valentine letters came in the mailbox, 
sugar cookies were baked 
and we had our annual Chinese food Valentine dinner.

 There is my boy again with more candy!

Dinner was great!

 These were the little goodies I passed out to some of my visiting teaching sisters.

 I made these valentines for my seminary peeps students!

 I am highly addicted to white chocolate popcorn - add some 
pretty valentine M&M's and we have a problem!

 The cute little tags I ordered from this fab lady added the perfect touch!

The single bud tulips were also a favorite of mine this Holiday!
Now it is time to tear down the Valentine decor and get ready for Easter!


Patti said...

WHAT??? You don't decorate for St. Patrick's Day?

KelleyAnne said...

so much lovin' at your house!

Pyatt said...

The half is killing me too...I have had bronchitis for two weeks...we'll see how this thing goes!!

tammy said...

Fish and almonds....I think I may be running to the sink right now.

Have you had cinnamon white chocolate popcorn?? It's my addiction! My friend gave us some at Christmas a couple of years ago and I had to have the recipe.

I always love all of your holiday posts!

Todd said...

I kinda threw up a little bit in my mouth looking at that fish and almonds.