Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I can't believe that I used to blog sometimes three to four times a week and nowadays I can barely get to the computer! Life sure gets in the way...and that's a good thing...but as I have been peeking through my camera I have noticed so many random things that have made me smile!
1. A dog named Root Beer. Isn't he a cutie? 
My little sister Jill is the proud owner of that cutie pie!

2. Another little niece or nephew is coming soon to the Judd family! Congrats guys!
I love how Elizabeth shared the news with all of us via her t-shirt - it took my mom quite a while to catch on!

3. Our friends from China - Yang Yang and Frank came for a visit. We had such a great time showing them around San Diego and Bart and I will most likely be heading to Shanghai, China in June! i just need to prep myself for the food - remember the fish and almond treat??? - and the squatting toilets! Yikes!

4. Field Trips - I was so excited to take a trip with Bailey and Parker's class to check out a conservatory for flowers and plants. I love those two little twerps and they are growing so fast - the best part of the field trip was when Parker came to find me and wanted to hold my hand as we walked around the gardens.

5. Cousins came to town for President's Day weekend - there was yummy food thanks to Sue, movies to go see, and kites to fly in the front yard - throw in some late night sleepovers and my kids were in bliss!

6. My mother-in-law bought some cute felt belts from my little Sister Elizabeth. Go check her out and her etsy store - she can create some real cuteness to put around your waist!

7. Last but certainly not least - my little Bailey got her first pair of glasses - she is near-sighted. The second she put them on she couldn't believe how different her world looked. Poor thing - it took the school to notice that she needed vision correction - I know bad bad mom! I think she looks so darn cute!


Princess Sarah said...

Wow! So, if u go to shanghai, let me know....I have some tips, like take some crackers and peanut butter or else you'll starve!!!! Hahahahahahah

tammy said...

Bailey looks so cute! And so does your MIL. I love the name Root Beer.

Wendie said...

Emily is going to be excited when she sees Bailey's glasses. Does she wear them all the time?

Taryn said...

I LOVE the picture of Parker with his cool!

Taryn said...

I LOVE the picture of Parker with his reflection... so cool!