Friday, January 20, 2012

what do ya know.....

I had no idea that my blog could just disappear and yet that is what happened..for about a week at least! I seriously thought {for a second} that may be that would be okay and life would still go on! BUT....than I wouldn't have the history of the day to day events that make life great and bring a smile to my face. Also, I got so many kind emails, texts and facebook messages wondering where in the heck my little old blog had gone -
 so we are back in business and still living a fast paced crazy life!

12-Week Training Schedule

Week 1off3 miles3 miles3 milesoff3 miles4 miles
Week 2off3 miles4 miles3 milesoff3 miles4 miles
Week 3off3 miles4 miles3 milesoff3 miles5 miles
Week 4off3 miles5 miles3 milesoff4 miles6 miles
Week 5off4 miles5 miles4 milesoff3 miles7 miles
Week 6off4 miles4 miles4 milesoff4 miles8 miles
Week 7off4 miles6 miles4 milesoff4 miles9 miles
Week 8off4 miles6 miles4 milesoff4 miles10 miles
Week 9off4 miles6 miles4 milesoff3 miles11 miles
Week 10off4 miles5 miles4 milesoff4 miles12 miles
Week 11off4 miles5 miles4 milesoff3 miles6 miles
Week 12off3 miles5 miles3 milesoff2 miles13.1 miles!
This has been my life the last couple of weeks!  I can do it...I can do it....
I have to keep telling myself this!
I still don't quite have the body to show for it! But, it is on the Bucket List and I am looking forward to doing the race! I am going to run with my sisters and some I need to get in shape yesterday!

My girls are looking forward to New Beginnings...who wouldn't with these type of invites? I remember my leaders growing up and they always went the extra mile to make everything memorable! Caitlin and Maddie's leaders are 
definitely doing the same thing and I am so grateful!
Speaking of being creative, I am super obsessed with photoshop and all things that make. I am telling you - if there were a 
professional present wrapping job available - I would sign up!
 The cute little skinny girl that we are standing with is the owner of Sprinkles cupcakes! She was so sweet and told us her rags to riches story of making it big...with cupcakes!  After we met her, we went to lunch and talked about how come we can't 
think of something like her and make it big!
 But...then I get home and realize that these are my glory moments right now! I found my two little ones with our little neighbor making forts on the side of the house complete with blankets, water bottles and Cheezits! Making it big will have to sit on the sidelines for now!
Parker got to go fishing all by himself with Grandpa - who taught him all about casting the line! Parker loved every minute of it!

My father-in-law took these pictures and I love them!
We sure love having a boy and all the fishy stuff that comes with it! 


Elizabeth said...

yikes I need to be running more, that stresses me out!! Glad your blog is back, love you!

Marci said...

I'm glad you didn't lose all your posts! I would have been crying :-)!

KelleyAnne said...

Yay! You're back ♥

Shannon said...

you are awesome!

tammy said...

I had been wondering about you...

My boys love going fishing with their dad and gramps.