Sunday, January 22, 2012


This sweet girl turns 9 today! It truly breaks my heart to see her grow so fast! She has got to be hands down the sweetest kid you will ever come across. She doesn't like fighting or contention - she is quite the peacemaker in our home!  I can always count on Bailey to help out in any situation - she is there for me! Here are 9 other reasons why I love this little...ahem ...I mean big girl!
1. She is always happy and wakes with a smile on her face.
2. She is absolutely in love with her dog Juicy and can be seen carrying her everywhere she goes.
3. She loves dolls - my other two girls were not into them quite the same way she is.
4. She has many friends - going back to the whole "she is so nice" part.
All the mom's of her little friends say the same thing
 that she is so sweet and fun to have in their home.
5. She loves her grandparents. She is one of those kids that will constantly walk up to them hug and squeeze them and say she loves them!
6. Bailey never forgets her manners. I love hearing her talk to other adults and being so polite.
7. Bailey loves looking cute and dressing up! 
8. She loves her little brother. He can be a total pain for her at times and yet she still will be the first one to give up her seat in the car or share a treat to make him happy.
9. She is the total package bundled into a small child and we are so happy that she is ours!
Happy Birthday Bailey!


Mark and Meghan said...

Happy birthday bay!!! Seriously cute pictures of her!! Xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Bailey!! We love you! xo

Princess Sarah said...

Ahhhhh Happy Birthday lil Bailey! She is one cute and sweet girl!

Diane Riding said...

AMEN to everything you said about our dearest, sweetest little Bay. She is such a sweetheart in every single way and we all totally adore her! She truly is a special, precious little girl and a true gift from Heavenly Father!!!! Love you so much, Bailey!!! x0x0x00x0x