Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nothing like Cabo when you're turning 40!

Every year since Bart can remember his birthdays have not been very "fun!" First of all, his birthday falls in the middle of December and we are always so busy with a million Holiday/Christmas parties that his birthday gets a little over shadowed!
Don't get me wrong - he doesn't ask for much and in fact, he is total opposite his wife - who wants attention and grand surprises! Ha! My 40th will forever be memorable - I will never understand how he pulled it off! Whenever I am filling down, I just look at these pictures and realize I have great friends and family and one Amazing husband! So, if you can imagine, I wanted to do the same thing for him! But, he being different, didn't want all the attention and hoopla! For him, just being with me and the kids is a present itself.
So...this year, we headed down  to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate my younger husband turning 40! It was seriously one of the best vacations we have ever had.  Just the birthday boy and myself and the kids were home in great hands with Grandparents.
We really did it all -  there was tennis, massages, snorkeling, the pools, boat rides, beach swimming, amazing food {which we seem to always be partaking of} and my favorite the Pina Colada - I could not get enough of those blasted drinks! I having some serious with drawls right about now! We really loved each and every day there and now Bart has set a new standard for where he would like to be each year on his birthday! Of course, I will obligingly have to go with him, right?

 The rooms were beautiful!

 This was one of the three pools!

 This was the view from where we ate breakfast each morning!

 We ate guacamole every day!

 I think that not a day went by without eating shrimp and drinking pina coladas!

We just so happened to be at the same hotel as some of the current Survivor contestants and so we had fun making them feel like celebrities and getting our pictures together! They really were very nice and a lot of fun to talk to!

 We had a great boat ride over to see Land's End, Lover's Beach and the arch!

 We also had a lot of fun trying out one of Bart's birthday presents... an underwater camera!

The whale slide was a must - even for the 40 year olds!
 I love my Birthday Boy!
Instead of a traditional birthday cake, Bart got an amazing cinnamon "Nacho plate" complete with fresh strawberries, kiwi, chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream!

Until next time....Te Amo Cabo!


Vanessa said...

It looks like so much fun!

Marci said...

So fun! And I love you ran into the survivor contestants! We have really liked this season!

Pyatt said...

What a fun trip Heather...I am glad you guys got to get away...we saw your CUTE kids in our ward on Sunday...Happy Birthday BART!

Mark and Meghan said...

so fun head! so jealous! i want a pina colada right now :)

Elizabeth said...

LOVE all of the pictures, looks like sooooo much fun!!!

About Me: said...

Bad choice, Wadley's...bad choice. :(

tammy said...

That looks amazing! I'm suddenly feeling gypped about my birthday.

Jessica Washburn said...

Hey Friend,

Long time no talk. :) I am blogging over at my new (sort of) fitness/running blog. Hope you'll check it out. I'll have to follow your blog through that address so I get all your Cabo, you're making me think of going in 5 years when I hit 40...sounds amazing. I just went on a 10 day New England/Canada cruise I blogged about it and you should check out the post. I took tons of pics and it was really an incredible trip, one of my faves and especially since you love photography...fall leaves in Quebec and such were too die for! Take care, great to see your cute family again. Jessica Washburn