Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas tree cupcakes and Santa's House!

Have any of you ever been on Bakerella's website? 
Oh my.....the stuff that lady can create is amazing!
Well, I was looking around the other day at all of her goodies and came across the cutest 
ice cream cone turned Christmas tree cupcakes and I knew I had to make them!
 You take the candy canes and break off the cane part so it makes a straight stick. Melt some white chocolate and dip the cones into them. Than sand them with sanding sugar, I also added some little sprinkle candies for the ornaments. Let that dry on wax paper.
 While that is drying and doing its thing, you make the cupcakes and frost them with a tinted pink frosting. I then swirled them into pink sanding sugar and popped the candy cane into the middle of the cupcake. to anchor the little tree, I put some marshmallow on the end of the candy cane and stuck the tree on top. This will ensure that it stays in place.
 Aren't those soo cute? I love them!

 We took the kids to meet the cousins for the annual santa House. The Huish family is just amazing that they open their house to anyone and everyone. My kids look forward to the hot chocolate and the free Present from Santa every year.

 Santa is the best!

 It's also always fun to bump into friends that you weren't expecting to see! I love that!

The whole happy family - minus Jill and Meggy!

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