Saturday, December 24, 2011

It all started with a hike!

We told the kids that we had a surprise for them...but they had to go hiking to find out what it was. They went [reluctantly} with the promise that we would only hike up 1 mile and than hike back. As we reached the mile marker on the mountain, Bart handed them an envelope that said, Surprise on the front of it. When they opened it, to their great dismay, it said that they needed to hike up the rest of the mountain. That is when they belly hooting and complaining began. We walked a little ways and than Bart handed them the next envelope which read that we could go back down the mountain followed by another surprise envelope that said what are these used for? and they unwrapped some hotel room keys!  By this time, they were totally confused! It was awesome  - we ran home, packed out bags and we were off.

 One of our kids kept taking pictures after Bart thought they were done!

We went to stay at the Rancho Bernardo Inn - which can only best be described as an "Old Beverly Hills looking type hotel. It was Beautiful! They had huge pine trees and each one was decorated differently. It just smelled of Christmas! 
When we got checked in and went to our room, the kids each found a stuffed animal, some S'more kits and a gingerbread house filled with goodies! 
They couldn't believe - neither could we!

We walked around the Inn and took plenty of pictures as we went. The place just seemed a magical place to be for Christmas. 

They had a large Real Gingerbread house - even the windows were made out of sugar. I took a picture of all the ingredients that went into making this house. crazy! 

They also had carolers singing Christmas songs throughout the night. The kids went to storybook telling time and they read the Night Before Christmas1 It was totally interactive with sound effects and mice, and windows opening. Loved it!

Next, we went to visit Santa and each family got a 5x7 picture printed up to take home with them.

My favorite part was waiting for the kids in the ballroom. Each child was given a huge gingerbread cookie complete with bags of candy and tons of frosting to decorate with. I loved watching the kids eyes light up as they saw the room. They also had never ending hot chocolate and homemade cookies, like snickerdoodles and chocolate chip.

To end off the night the kids threw on their swimsuits and got in the pool  as the christmas lights around the hotel synchronized flashes of color to the christmas music that was playing.

The next morning we had a giant feast of a breakfast and the kids kept saying that they never wanted to leave. I was right there with them! I am hoping this will be one tradition that we can keep coming back to year after year!

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Ok, we want to go next year too. Let's plan it!