Thursday, December 22, 2011

Control Freak walks away!

Who is the control freak? That would be me! I have such a desire to make my children do things the way I want them done, that sometimes if not many times, I get in the way of their own creativity! So...I decided to walk away today and let them at it. they first tried their hands at Gingerbread houses. oh if you only knew how hard it was to not offer my two cents worth of advice on how to decorate the roof, or what to put on the walls. They obviously did just great without me!

I also taught them how to make felt poinsettias. Parker got right at it and made a funky poinsettia all his own. The other girls made hair clips, a hair bow for a baby in our ward, and flowers to put on top of presents. Today was so much more fun that watching TV and playing the Wii and my control freak self took a back seat...and everything still turned out fine! I might admit better, because they were happy creating and being imaginative.


Jessica Washburn said...

Thanks for the idea on the felt flowers, I have all the stuff and Soph will love a little craft today. I'm a control freak too...I could never run a preschool! :)

tammy said...

I have the same problem when they're making gingerbread houses! I decided that next year, I'm making my own.