Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hallow's Eve 2011

This was one busy weekend - between four soccer games, 2 birthday parties, the ward trunk-or-treat and a Halloween party - we have been Halloweened to the Max! 
Sigh - I am sad it is over so quickly!

 Chick Diva!

 Kitty Cats-  they got to High school and realized there 
were about 500 other girls that had the same idea!

 Ninja - who really stayed in character!

 Nerd alert - these two were funny!

 Juicy even made an appearance as my little witch side kick!

 My dad in his "Crazy man-goofy toothed-mullet wearing-fake dead hand grabbing-chicken killing costume!"  Did I get the name right dad?

 The trick-or-treating cousins on the run!

 My trick-or-treating gal pals!

 My favorite Halloween treat was the gorgeous sugar cookie that my little sister Liz made! I almost didn't want to eat it! Almost!
 Roxie and her sister's threw the best ever Halloween birthday party for Lauren! The decorations, the games, the food, the desserts  and the party favors were over the top! 
Sooo fun - good job girls!

 Check out the skeleton Meat head!

The kitty litter cake was too die for yummy, but so realistic looking!

Now...on to Thanksgiving!


MBlairsLars said...

Wow! You have been busy. Your pictures are great!

Elizabeth said...

that was so much fun, thanks for the pictures!! love you

Mark and Meghan said...

loving the costumes! :) and that P stayed in character! wish we were there to trick or treat with you! :( and those party foods were AMMAAAZING!

tammy said...

I love it! Your Dad's costume made me laugh.

Amy said...

I didn't see where your Dad dressed up. He just looks the same to me! Ha ha ha :)