Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Annual Halloween Dinner!

This is probably one of my kids favorite traditions at Halloween. {Mine too} They always freak out when they see the table and the menu and try to figure out what each item of food is. This year they dined on VAMPIRE BLOOD {tomato soup} CHEDDAR WITCH BISCUITS and FRANKENSTEIN'S BRAINS {broccoli}.  I told them to eat up...if they dare! 
 Here was the menu!

 I love photoshopping their faces with creepy textures for the place cards.

 Fot my Vampire Blood, I just warmed up good old fashioned tomato soup,
 added some cream and fresh basil!
 The cheddar witch biscuits are super yum and easy! The recipe can be found HERE!
 The bubbling cauldron of dry ice is a fan favorite!

 The table in all its gory glory! 

Parker enjoying his "Skeleton Soda."


Mark and Meghan said...

cute heather! love the place cards! you need to teach me how to use photoshop!! :)

Julie B said...

Spooky and darling all at the same time! Nice work! YOu are amazing. Holidays are a blast around her house.

Julie B said...

I meant your house. oops

Pyatt said...

So cute and So much fun seeing you last night!!! We need to do that more often!!