Thursday, October 20, 2011

What a Day!

I am grateful that there is a donut store right by the church building when I drop Caitlin off each morning for seminary. I am also grateful that it is open at 5:45 am when I need a quick breakfast so that I can get some extra zzzzz's.

I am forever grateful for Pinterest [which is the time killer of my life} and the multitude of ideas I get for things to make. I bundled up the "Rotten Pumpkin Teeth" treats for Parker's class.

I am grateful that has come into my life and is here to stay. Don't even think for one second that I won't be doing a post about this book {AKA my brain on paper} I love this thing and take it everywhere with me!

 My favorite decorations are on the kitchen pantry door!

I am grateful for the month of October and all things Halloween! I love love love being in a house that is decorated for the Holidays! 

I am most grateful for Skype and that I have a daily way to stay in touch with my traveling man! He is in Spain and than off to France!

Whew - what a day!


tammy said...

Love the rotten pumpkin teeth and your decor. I love anything Halloween! There's a Dunkin Donuts on the way to Taylor's seminary class and so far I have resisted every single day for my thighs' sake. A pumpkin spice one is calling my name though!

Taryn said...

Everything looks good! I love your front door!

Taryn said...

Any good new dinner ideas for this year? Call me if you do!

erika said...

I love you Halloween deco's! And why didn't you go with Bart to Europe????