Monday, October 3, 2011

A good Day!

I am realizing that my older girls don't quite squeal with excitement anymore when I tell them that we are going to craft or make something. They like to check it out, but they are seriously so busy now-a-days that they can't really enjoy it like they used to - sad, huh?
BUT...that doesn't stop me and I still have my other two - Bailey and Parker-
 who get into whatever I have whipped up!

Today, I taught them how to make Pumpkin suckers out of tootsie pops, tissue paper and floral tape. They turned out pretty cute!
With the older two girls, I am finding myself doing new things with them and enjoying being with them! Tonight, Maddie and I headed over to the Scripps Ranch Club and we swam laps. I told Maddie that I was going to swim a mile and I never thought that she would do the same , 
but sure enough - She did it!
She was pretty excited to have reached something that she once thought was very difficult.


Diane Riding said...

You are so incredibly creative all the stuff you do and create!! I so remember those days of doing fun things with you girls....not near as many as you do, tho!!! AMAZiNG!!!! Wish you were my mom!!!1 x00x0x

Melissa-Mc said...

Let your Halloween crafting begin. I can't wait to see all that you come up with :)