Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bigrock Triathlon

I did it...but just barely! I did not train at all for this triathlon 
and I certainly am paying the price now! 
We had to start with a swim at  Lake Perris - so I used Bart's full wetsuit that does not fit me and so minutes of entering the lake my wetsuit started to fill with water. I had my very first panic attack and didn't think that I would be able to do it. One of the lifeguards on her paddle board asked if I should be taken out as my wetsuit looked like a balloon. That really messed with my mind, but I swam through it - honestly I felt like I was dragging another body along with me. I have never been so panicked - I could not even catch my breath - 
that mind over body stuff is not a joke. 
By the time I made it onto the bike, I was praying out loud the first three miles pouring out my thanks that I was still alive. Pathetic! on the bike, I made it to mile 10 and than you reach a really steep hill. I decided no matter what I would push through and not get off my bike  - I got almost past the midway point and a girl came riding up right next to me and said "Hey I am on your left" and as I looked at her our bikes veered into each other and next thing you know we are both off of our bikes. To her defense she felt really bad and said sorry a lot...but I still had no option but to walk the rest of the way up with my bike! Nice!
Finally I made it to the run and remember that my wetsuit had filled with water so my clothes and socks were sopping wet. To run, felt like I was carrying dead weight again - Can I complain any more? But - I promise that I ran the whole way and was never more excited to see the finish line! I am sure there is a sacrament talk somewhere in this little adventure.
All in all, I had a good time and my cute little tri-partner Tracy 
even came in first place for her division!
Was it hard and mentally tough and crazy? Yes! 
Will I probably do it again someday? Yes...but with a different wetsuit!!


Marci said...

I nearly had a panic attack reading about the wetsuit. I always think doing a triathlon would be "fun" and then I see a clip of 100s of people swimming so close and decide I would never get through that part. Way to go finishing...especially without training! You're crazy :-)!

Pyatt said...

That is a crazy swim!!! Glad you made it!!! They are fun and full of life lessons! :) Love you!

Diane Riding said...

I'm so very, very, very proud of you honey!!! What an accomplishment and what a trooper you are to continue on with that "other body attached to you wetsuit!" But YOU DID IT!!! That is so admirable and dad and I truly are so proud of EVERYTHING you always continue to do, with yourself, your kiddies, your crafts and cooking, etc. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! x00x0x0

Melissa-Mc said...

Wow, what an accomplishment! Especially with the wet suit!

erika said...

You are amazing! Especially with the wet suit!

tammy said...

Wow, what challenges! Good for you for not giving up!