Monday, September 5, 2011

 We made our annual girl's trip to Utah to go to Swiss Days and to shop till we dropped...quite literally. All the girls tease that I run them to the ground and really it is no joke. We have so many places to see and so little time -  I tell them go to the bathroom and eat now because we won't be stopping for quite a while...and I mean it!

Seriously, I look forward to this trip all year long and we have so much fun just being together, laughing, shopping, and recharging to come back to be a mom and wife again! Thanks to the fabulous hubbies who take over while we are away!

The biggest thanks go to Sue and Rod for making it so much fun and actually making it happen for us to be able to go!!! We love you guys!

 Awful picture, but here we are right before we boarded the plane for Utah!

 I wasn't kidding that we hit the ground running! There is no one to stop for, no diapers to change, no whining or crying, just a bunch of girls on a mission to see it all!!

We did occasionally stop and eat! We went here for the Fry Sauce!!! Awww..the memories!

 Swiss days is where it is at!

Even with all the swarms of people, you can sometimes bump into old friends!
 We even saw Aunt Gwen and Aunt Suzy!

 Only in Utah do you see these kinds of booths! I love it!

 Also, only in Utah do you see this much teased out hair! Also love it! Do you like how you can see part on my Sister in law as she fake poses for the camera so that I could get the lady across the street? Now that hair was something else!

Ohhh....but these big bad boys {the Utah Scones with huckleberry jam, honey and cinnamon sugar} are what we dream about!  Until next year!!!


Melissa-Mc said...

Looks fun! I LOVE the hair pictures!

Marci said...

The hair pictures are hilarious!!! It makes me remember seeing you at the airport 2 years ago when you guys were on your way back :-)!

tammy said...

You are so right about UT and their hair! I have to remember to visit for Swiss Days. I always forget until it's too late. Maybe next year!

Oh and thanks for flying Southwest! ;)

deveney said...

so jealous! that looks like so much fun! i just love hip and humble, please tell me that you went next door to koo de ker too?? such cute clothes there, i really must do this when i have daughters and daughters-in-laws!

The Trainas said...

ooh, I want the Asphalt Pie from Training Table...

Lisa said...

Okay, now I want to go for Swiss Days. It looks like a blast. The hair is hilarious! My girls have always commented on Utah teased hair :) They also went through their "box hair" has Alycia used to call it.