Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Loose teeth and other stuff

So...This past week my little man lost his first tooth and it was a really BIG deal to him! He has been pretty skeptical of Miss Tooth Fairy and so we made sure that she didn't disappoint! He woke up in the morning and after seeing what the tooth fairy left, he said "I wish I could take all my teeth out and get hundreds of dollars!"  I can just see him now as a future college kid running to the blood bank to make some extra money - awesome!
After church Parker handed me this little picture he drew - to be honest I stood spying at his door for 5 minutes watching him intently draw these pictures. He told me that he is thankful for the church and the scriptures in his prayers and he asks that he will be safe when he goes down really big hills on his skateboard and that he can marry a cute girl someday! I'm saving this pic for the future wedding video!
This is where you can find our little Juicy - on my bed trying to camouflage into the really big body pillows that Bart and I use so that the kids won't notice her. 
i think parker gets under her skin a little!

We had some friends visit from New Zealand - they are such great people and I could have sat there listening to them talk all night long - have you heard a New Zealand accent? It's the best!  Bart's mom put on quite a yummy spread for them

This was our first official married with kid Christmas card and we look like kids ourselves. Caitlin was almost one!

Now this sweet little girl is a freshman in high school and I take her to my old seminary building each morning. Ohhh...the memories! It all goes by way too fast, doesn't it?


Mark and Meghan said...

yay for park park! so glad the tooth fairy didn't forget!! :) and i'm crying over that christmas picture! not because you and bart look like teenagers, but because my cait cait is so freaking cute. seriously how great was it to have the first grandchild? she was a spoiled loved little girl! (still is! :) ) that last picture of her is adorable...hope she's liking high schooL!!! xoxox

Elizabeth said...

How exciting for Parker, too bad i forgot to give Olivia a note and money from the tooth fairy last night, she was so sad when she woke up this morning! And I absolutely LOVE that picture of Caitlin, she's so pretty! xo

tammy said...

Parker's picture is adorable! He's such a cutie.

We were looking at some picture of when Taylor was a baby and my boys were laughing at how young their dad looked. I, of course, look exactly the same :)

Patti said...

Heather, you look exactly the same -no kidding! Sorry Bart, you do look younger...! Cute picture. I was so glad to see Caitlin at YW the other night. Smeday you need to fill me in on what went on with her... If you're telling (don't mean to be a snoop!). Love ya!

Lisa said...

It does go way too fast! My baby is a freshman in college :( I miss my kids.