Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Summer of Cousins!

The kids were not only surprised by having their cousins come down for a few days - but can you also imagine a knock at the door with your grandpa standing there with a list of fun ideas to do around San Diego? All the kids grabbed their pens and started numbering what they would like to do!  Parker stared at his sheet and said, "Grandpa - are we going to do all of this stuff today?"  They were pretty excited!!!
He thought of everything!

The first stop on their list was Belmont park! My kids never tire of that place!
For lunch, we went to Phil's BBQ! That was loved by kids and adults!
The rest of the night was Wii games and going in the spa.

The adults really scored as Grandpa took the little ones the next morning to eat breakfast at I-Hop, than they were off to the beach, they had lunch at Chicken Pie Diner and than stopped at Nickel City. All before 1 o'clock!
The kids love spending time with Grandpa - thanks for making their day so fun!

Than we met my family at the movie theater to see Cars 2 
and off to celebrate Olivia and Grace turning 5! 

These girls are such cuties!

 What a fun day and how blessed we are to live near cousins and grandparents!


tammy said...

What fun. I really miss not living by my boys' cousins since I had so many growing up.

Patti said...

Yes, you are blessed to have family close by! Our daughter Amanda and her family moved back to San Diego - okay, Carlsbad - in March and we love, love, love having them close by. We did a jazz festival at-the-park with them last night up in Leucadia and then they came to our ward picnic tonight with us. Love those little grandchildren! Your photos are really good, Heather.