Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recaps of a busy life!

Caitlin wasn't able to go on the 8th grade East Coast trip, so instead she and her cute friend Hannah headed to Las Vegas for the week! That girl had more fun shopping, boating, eating and playing....we kept telling her to enjoy every minute because she was really living the good life with Hannah's family!
I haven't hung out with Lisa in forever - and she took me to the most amazing place for lunch called Urban Solace. It was so fun to catch up with her and eat some amazing food as well!
Parker and Bailey ran in the annual Jog-a-thon at school. Bailey came in second place with some of her friends for running the most laps in Second grade!
Parker came in first place out of all the kindergarten classes for running the most laps in 45 minutes! That boy was so funny - I was running along side him and he would run to the side and grab a water or an orange slice -I thought for sure that he would want to take a break and walk but he just kept going.
He was so excited to receive his medal!
He also won a new pair of running shoes! Way to go bud!
A bunch of girlfriends took me to lunch {this was before the actual surprise party} at a new little restaurant called Que Pasa?  Sooo yummy - I could drink the jalapeno cheese sauce!
Bart and I on the night we got away for my birthday and went to 
dinner and spent the night in La Jolla!
Much needed trip!
My good friend Paul from high school was in town but he didn't make it to the party. So...we met up later on that week for lunch! {Do you see how I am slowly but surely 
packing on the birthday lunch pounds?}  
My mom just celebrated her birthday and my sisters and I went to Que Pasa {of all places - darn that cheese sauce} to surprise her as she thought she was just going to dinner with my dad!
She was pretty excited {is that the word} to see us there!

 For Memorial day we always go down to the cematery in the morning to leave flowers.
My kids have always enjoyed this tradition.
Another yearly tradition is going to the Quinn's for a BBQ and swim!


tammy said...

I love all the photos you always take. I need some paparazzi to follow me around and document my life.

Way to go Parker and Bailey! And you for knowing how to make that birthday stretch into multiple meals out. I'm kind of craving some cheese sauce now.

Taryn said...

Heather..... hatin! :)

MBlairsLars said...

Your a busy girl! The girls are getting so big....where does the time go. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!