Monday, May 30, 2011

Maddies Birthday! one more surprise just recently happened over here! Maddie turned 12 years old and she had been asking me when we were going to give her a party. I kept putting her off knowing that this was in the works - wasn't easy!
I got the invitations passed out and I had all of Maddie's friends at our local park, They were eating pizza and waiting for Maddie to show up with my mom.
It was really cute because when Maddie first got close to the park she saw some of her friends and thought what a bummer it was that they were playing together and she hadn't been invited!
Until...they saw her and started screaming surprise!
When she got out of the car I told her it was a surprise park party and she was totally fine with that - she was just excited to be with all of her girlfriends. So...they got busy eating and chatting when what comes around the corner but a stretch limo and Caitlin is hanging out the window holding a sign with Maddie's name on it!  Her face was shocked and priceless and she turned to her friends and screamed saying "Is that for me?' It was quite the surprise!
The girls jumped in and they were off. They had the music blaring as they drove down to Coronado island - we even stopped and took pictures before they were off again! They drove around for a couple of hours and than ended up back at our house for ice cream and cupcakes and opening presents!
I think she loved every minute of her birthday surprise and we won't be having any more surprise posts for a while...I hope!
We love you Maddie Girl!!!

Look at that face!


Pyatt said...

Cute Maddie girl...I can't believe you have two kids in YW!!!! Looks like a fun time...I might have to steal your little limo when you turn 12 tradition. That is so cute!!

tammy said...

What a lucky girl!

Mark and Meghan said...

yay for limos!! :) cute maddie must've been so happy! we love you maddie girl!!!

Vanessa said...

My birthday is Oct. 16th and I would like a limo to take me to Coronado. I will be waiting out front.