Friday, June 3, 2011

Mighty Minds Musical!

Tonight was our school's choir concert!
I usually go crazy the days before each performance, but I have so much fun decorating and getting everything prepared! This concert was no exception. We had a great group of kids this time around and I love working with Jill, who plays the piano for me.
 I will keep doing this as long as she will. 
She is amazing!  

 Like how I made 50 copies and never once noticed that I forgot the Y on Mighty minds? 
 Jill and I have been doing this for almost 6 years now and I never tire of it! 
{I hope she doesn't either!}
 Right before they were to go on stage!
These pictures crack me up - so this is what I look like while directing! Ha!

 We passed out awards and received a very kind thank you from the kids!

 My little sister even came down with her kids because Bailey had to have Taylor there! 
She was so excited to see them! 
Until next Fall!

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erika said...

I'm so sad I missed the performance this year! Looks like a great evening and of course you did an amazing job on everything.
PS - Love the misspelling on the "might" - that is totally something I would do! :)