Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ice Cream Truck?

I remember as a kid when the ice cream truck would come down our street - you could hear the circus music blocks away as it got closer and closer.  Long gone are the ice cream trucks around here - we now have new and improved Ice Cream Motorcycles. When this comes cruising down our street it has the same effect. She even plays the same music I used to hear as a kid. But...WOW  -  the prices have also gone  way up - some call it inflation - I call it a major rip off. I gave Parker two dollars and he still needed another quarter.  But, I guess with gas prices the way they are, she has to sell a lot of ice cream!


tammy said...

She looks kind of cute on her motorcycle. Maybe I should have that job here.

Diane Riding said...

I so remember how much you little girls loved that ice cream truck and how you'd all beg me to buy you something!!! What great memories....glad they still come around!!!