Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pullin' on Heart Strings

I love when the New Year comes - I like to get my life back in order, my home more organized, my body back to eating something other than baked know what I mean!

It also never takes me long to get the itch to decorate for a new holiday. I can't wait to fill up my house with new colors and get inspired to make and create new things. {I also can't stand not having my jars filled with something pretty}.

Well, so I have been back and forth to Ikea {they have great storage units} as we are attempting to change one of our rooms into an office/craft room. It feels so good to clean out the junk and start fresh, doesn't it? I have big plans for this room of ours!
I also keep heading over to Costco - have you tried these Pomegranates in your oatmeal? Trust me - they are yummy!

At the grocery store, I fell in love with these little pink and white heart candies - what to make with them? I am sure that will keep me up at night!

I also picked up these gorgeous hydrangeas - I can't wait to plant them in my front yard! These are truly the prettiest flower!!

I also just really love Valentines Day and all things pink, red, and hearted out! It is the best! As I was decorating, it has been a tradition to use my pantry door and hang the kids homemade art - and I must say - out of all the decorations I have put up -  this one of Parker's little hands in preschool  - they get me every time! It is seriously a pull-on-the-heart-strings- kind of things.  In fact,, if there was a fire and I had to evacuate - I would yank those little hands off my door....well, 
maybe that and my potrack! 
{What? I'm a sucker for pretty stuff!}


crazy christensen family said...

Hey Heather! You make me want to go out and buy things-not too good when budgeting. I love your spunk and tenacity for all things fun! You are a great mom!

Lauren Clyde said...

I want some of those little heart candies. yum.