Monday, January 17, 2011

Baseball on Sunday?

Anyone that knows us, knows that we believe that Sundays are a day to keep Holy -  which means we go to church as a family and when we come home we eat with Grandparents and hang out together. We don't do typical things that we would do any other day of the week including playing outside with friends, shopping, going to movies, etc. I love Sundays because we spend more time together as a family and being together than the rest of hustle and bustle week.
Well, when we got home from church today Parker went out to the garage and immediately started gathering his Baseball gear - glove, bat , ball - I reminded him that he couldn't play that today and he looked at me with a  very serious face and said, "Mom It's okay - I will be thinking about Jesus when I am hitting the ball!" The funny part is, he thought he could truly get away with it! I might look dumb, but I am not Stupid! :0)
{He secretly cracks me up!}

On another note, I was taking pictures of the girls before church and we went down the hill from our house. While I was taking the girls pictures, I kept hearing horns honking and people screaming. I turned to find my boy standing on top of a rock, facing the busy traffic doing the hula and 
dancing like a crazy kid!
That boy worries me! He's a nut! We have no idea where he gets it as his parents are both so reserved! Ha!

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tammy said...

He is a crack up! A seriously adorable crack up.