Friday, January 21, 2011

My baby girl is turning 8!

{This was Bailey's treat that she passed out at school!}

I just hate that I have no say in the whole growing up process - there is no freeze spray or time altering devices.  I guess I just have a hard time seeing how fast it all goes by! Our "little Bay" as we like to call her would totally disagree with me - in fact, she has been asking about when her birthday would get here for weeks - people - weeks! Time is so different for a child!
Bailey decided that she didn't want a party this year - gasp!!!! Instead, she simply wanted an American Girl doll to play with! I must admit, that a part of me was very grateful as I also have to plan her baptism! Woowee - the invitations alone have taken over any spare sleep I should be getting! 
{Photoshop is highly addictive!}

But, we are still in the plans to have the family over and make a party out of that! Bailey lit up when the UPS guy pulled up today and handed her two packages from {What could it possibly be?} - I also ordered a red velvet bundt cake and she just loved carrying that on her lap when we went to pick it up! So, needless to say, I think I was the one that got duped - I still bought a cake {an expensive one to boot} presents, decorations and family will come to celebrate!  All I have to say is good thing she is worth it!

8 Things I love about My Bailey Girl...

1. She is the biggest instigator in our home
 to give loves, hugs and kisses!

2.  She is also the first one of the four to say 
thank you and please....for Everything!!!

3. She loves her little brother and will really do anything for him. I usually have to insist at times that Bailey not let him have his way - she is way too nice!

4. Bailey loves to suck her thumb - actually it only happens nowadays around family members. Her dad tries to totally discourage it - I, on the other hand, love it because it usually means she will also play with my hair!

5. Bailey is quick to give a back scratch and a rub - her dad also loves when she pulls on his ears! 
{That is a story for another time!}

6. All of my friends and family alike want to have Bailey over because she truly is a sweetheart and so kind and thoughtful with other children.

7. Bailey is turning out to be my best reader and I get so excited when I head upstairs and pass her room and find her laying in her bed reading a book...aww....a girl after my own heart!

8. I LOVE Bailey's smile and contagious happy spirit! She is truly a happy go lucky kid who rarely complains about anything! I need that because I certainly have 
other children with opinions! :0)

I love you Bailey! 8 really is GREAT!!!


diane riding said...


Diane Riding said...

Ooops on that first comment!! Let me be the 2nd to wish our little Bay a Happy Birthday!!! We love you soooooooooo, sooooooooo much, Little are such a beautiful little girl with the best personality ever!!! I love having you around me at all times and cherish the times we are together!!! You will always be grandpa and my "little" and we will always love you!!! Happy 8th B-day, sweetheart..........can't wait to celebrate with you today!~!! x0x00x

Pyatt said...

I can't believe she is eight!! Where does the time go? She is a doll and will always be one of Mackenzie's favorite peeps! :)

tammy said...

What a sweetie!

8 is the best! My favorite thing about being primary president is going to all the kids' baptisms.

And I really want some red velvet cake right now.

Happy Birthday Bailey!