Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Day EVER!!!

Bailey reminded me of Rapunzle from Tangled when she screamed "This is the Best day EVER!!!" {she is so easy to please!} We spent the day with family and she got to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes! 

The wait was well over an hour but so worth it if you even just bought the banana cupcake! Yum! I am so glad that we have a Sprinkles here now! {Just another obstacle in weight loss!}

We also went out to dinner, and than went to see Tangled {for the third time} After the movie everyone came back to our house to open presents - Bailey got that doll she was hoping for!!

We ate Bundt cake and marshmallow pops, and we even had a surprise "pizza" AKA Chocolate rice crispy pizza! To say we had our sugar fill would be an understatement! 
To top the whole night off, Bailey got to have her sweet little cousin Taylor over to spend the night!

They were busy chenging clothes on their American Girl dolls, their pillow pets all while playing on the I-pad - 
those girls are multi-taskers!
I am so glad that Bailey had the best day ever! 
I really love that girl!


Elizabeth said...

that was so much fun, I"m so glad that we got to celebrate for Baileys bday! I love that girl too!! :)

tammy said...

Looks like the perfect day!

Diane Riding said...

We were soooooo happy to spend the day celebrating our Bailey's birthday~~~ What a doll she is........just like the doll she got for her birthday, but so much sweet and much more beautiful!!! Happy Birthday, sweet Little Bay!! xoxoxoxoox