Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good News/Bad News!

Good News -  We have been busy

Bad News - We have been busy!

Good News - We are having so much fun every time we go to the mailbox and get a Christmas card! Love it!

Bad News - Our Christmas cards won't be out until New Years at the rate I am going!

Good News - My Photo business cards just came in the mail and I love them.

Bad News - Because of my favorite new job - I can't get anything else done!

Good News - I love moments like this 
at home with my kids!

Bad news - wrapping paper, presents and toys are all over the place!

Good News - Our 12 days of Kindness is going well.  Here is Bailey on the phone with her primary teacher thanking her for being so sweet.

Bad news-  It should have been called Sporadic days of Kindness as we can't seem to fit it into our every day schedule!

Good News - We have been going to some 
great Christmas parties

Bad News - Some of those Christmas parties include 
farewells to great people that are moving!
I will miss you Melissa!

Good News: I won tickets to Lego land and Disney land this week! Woohoo! Can you believe it?


Bad News - it is supposed to rain all week long ! boo! 

Good News - Christmas is almost here!
Bad news Christmas is almost here! 
Yikes - more sleepless nights!


Chris and Dianne Clan said...

You are one busy woman! I love your all of your fun pics and I love reading your blog! You should also start a business on how to train unlucky people to start winning stuff! I want to win stuff, but I'm one of the unluckiest people EVER! Wait...except for my husband and kids, they make me feel lucky!

Rach said...

Good news. last day of school tomorrow. keep it up. at least your aren't having plumbing problems.

Diane Riding said...

You're sooo very clever, honey!!! Darling blog entry~ Wish all my girls (ALL 5) did blogs as I love to see pictures of all my little makes my day!!!

MBlairsLars said...

You are so funny, and always so busy! You make the any holiday the best! Love ya!!!

tammy said...

You are so lucky! Disneyland is calling my name. Love all your photos. Will life really slow down come Jan?

Amy said...

You are amazing and I have no idea how you have the time to do what you do. Seriously. There must be two of you.