Friday, October 22, 2010

We SKATE.....

and we fall!
This Thursday was a half day for all four kids which is rare! So...I decided to take the kids ice skating - Bailey and Parker have never been before and Maddie and Caitlin used to take lessons a long time ago  - so I was actually nervous for all of them - Shouldn't have been! Caitlin and Maddie are naturals and the other two - well let's just say that some pvc pipes did the trick! These kids were flying across the ice!
We skated for about three hours and I never once heard how cold they were or how wet their bums were from falling.
They had the best time!

In other news, I have been addicted to making rosette flowers and I even attempted to whip up a necklace to wear! I love how it turned out and have many more color schemes in mind!
This little beauty was fun to wear and I love how a couple of people thought I bought it at Anthropology!


Princess Sarah said...

EwwwwW! Stop being a cute MOM and doing fun things and looking cute while doing it! HA HA!!!

tammy said...

I think I may need those PVC pipes too.

And I also think you could make those necklaces and sell them to blog readers.