Sunday, October 10, 2010

Random things...

Oh my - today and tomorrow are the last days to VOTE!!! so...go HERE!!! Tell anyone and everyone you know to go here! I can't thank you enough!

So... Bart has been gone on a "business" trip to New Zealand and it is not lost on me how lucky one is to have "business" of any type in New Zealand! He will be gone for two whole weeks!  Thank goodness for Skype, 
so I can remember what he looks like!
We got to skype dad tonight and it's only day one, 
but this wife misses her man!
Caitlin REALLY wants to go on the 8th grade trip back East and I want her to go as well, but I can not seem to choke down the price of $2400.00. So... she and I have been thinking of ways for her to raise the money here at the house - so two thoughts come to mind - #1 we have been making these cute little flowers that we are applying to rings, necklaces, hair bows, etc. 
They are pretty cute!

We also went up to Aunt Jodie's house and her cute daughter Lauren did all of our toenails in shifts. We may just have another business idea of doing glitter toes!  Any takers?
Look for a party Evite coming soon!
We leave for Hawaii in a few weeks and even though we will be missing Halloween, a girl still has to decorate - right? 
I love this holiday!
Look at that creepy mom and dad photo - have no idea who they are but I love the spookiness!

I went to a wedding tonight and what a throwback to when I was growing up here in Scripps Ranch. I saw so many people that I truly loved and admired!

Final Note: Go vote!!!


Taryn said...

I'm thinking... tutorial coming up at Heather's house for those flowers! Too cute! Stop being so creative, it's exhasting!
And that mangled doll is a little creepy. I think you'd be getting a noy noy from that lady in the store at Thanksgiving Point! :)

Chris and Dianne Clan said...

You know I'm totally down with glitter toes. You name the time and place and I'll be there. Do you have gel and the light?

I LOVE the flowers. They are so cute and Caroline NEEDS some.

The Trainas said...

ewwww I'm scared of that baby doll in the jar. ICK!