Monday, October 11, 2010

It Ends Today!

I swear that I have felt like I have been running a stay-at-home business - this whole recruiting people to vote - I could never go into politics! It takes everything out of me!! 

Bart has said that he will be shocked if I still have any friends left as I have been acting like a person that sells Amway and trying to multi-level market to all my friends and family..

You all still love me, Right? Or am I just paranoid?
Either way, Please go Vote one last time....or for the first time! Tell your spouses, friends, family, do any of your pets have an email {I kid!} But seriously - let's finish it with a bang - whaddaya say?

Last time - Go HERE!!!

Also, I will be picking a lucky winner for my giveaway -whether I win or lose!
Thank you!!! My voters are the Best!


Christina said...
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Christina said...

Hey! Awww soo cute of you to say nice things about my Dad! I love your Dad too!

So you guys were at Tara's wedding reception? I can't wait to see some pictures! I need to ask my Dad for the announcement as well, they say it was totally cute!

I hope you win the contest! You totally deserve to!

deveney said...

still voting for you! and i would totally be in for some glitter toes, i have been wanting to try them, but thought they were only in utah-of course you know somebody here who does them!

Elizabeth said...

hey I went to go vote for you and it said that i have reached the voting limit??

Vanessa said...

I may not have voted every day, but I tried!

jaredandangela said...

okay so I finally registered on the 94.1 website to vote - Good luck - it would be so fun to win!

Jill H said...

I note your posting time. How do you survive on so little sleep? Anyway, I am voting again today while Stanley Steemer is here cleaning my carpets. It is going to be a great, clean week!

erika said...

wish I could vote a million times over! I hope you win!

tammy said...

I'm glad you're reminding us to vote because I wouldn't remember otherwise! Good luck!