Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin Whoopie Cookies

You know what is coming, Right?
Go HERE and vote!!!! 
This is the last week and than I will quit
the begging and pleading act! :0)

So... today was a rainy day and I decided to stay put at home and make something Fall-ish-like!   I get Martha Stewarts' cookie of the Day sent to my inbox every morning and I just received a recipe to make Whoopie Cookies  - I was so excited because they looked De-lish!

And let me tell you that they do not disappoint - I need to get these cookies out of here so if you happen to teach my children or are on my visiting teaching route - the cookies they are a coming!

Go Here for the yummy recipe!
Thanks Martha - this recipe is a keeper!
And YES - they were just as fun to wrap up and "cute-ify" as they were to make!


Elizabeth said...

I voted for you! I so wish that you visit taught me, yum!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

I voted also and wish you visit taught me :) I think I will make some. Where do you get your containers you put your cookies in?

Heather said...

I got the containers at Shinoda Design center on Miramar Road - you need a business license - BUT I have also seen them at Kelly paper on Moreno BLVD. Check there!

Princess Sarah said...

Yeah~~I voted and Yummm~~I am so making these cookies! Thanks for the recipe link!

Marci said...

Oh, those look sooo good!!!

tammy said...

You always have the cutest neighbor and visiting teaching gifts!

I voted again. I'm glad you remind us.