Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I hate Recess!

This link should work and get you right to my picture!

 Parker has been coming home from school and saying that he hates recess - when asked why, he says, "Because I just want to ride my bike or play on the monkey bars - but I can't because girls are always chasing me!"  To further prove his point, we went to running club in the morning before school starts and while I was running with him, a bunch of little girls came charging after him and yelling "Hi Parker" -and "Let's get him!'  He looked at me and hit his head, as if to say "What's a guy supposed to do?" I asked him after if those were the same girls that chase him at recess and he said, "Mom, I don't know - I have like 20 girlfriends!"  Poor fellow - I said 
"Welcome to your life!"


Erika said...

I think you can add the twins to that list of one of Parkers girlfriends!
I just voted again :) I so hope you win!!!

Marci said...

Hilarious! It's no wonder...he's so dang cute :-)!

kguiness said...

Its really fun for me to be the one on recess duty with the kindergartners, quite entertaining:) Parker is such the ladies man!

tammy said...

Can't blame them one bit!