Friday, June 4, 2010

Ode to a Strawberry!

Our Memorial Day was really special this year! It is tradition to head down to the cemetery with grandma and grandpa 
{and usually cousins} to leave flowers. 
My kids really look forward to this!
This year, we left in the morning and headed out to the strawberry fields in Carlsbad and had such a great time picking our own strawberries. The kids got buckets and started filling them up! They were also allowed to eat as many strawberries as they wanted while picking - so believe me there were a lot of red lips and smiles! I really enjoyed walking around and taking pictures of them having such a great time!

We did have a couple messy children when we were down berry picking! Bailey go stuck in a mud pile and was covered - the girls had berries all over their jeans and pants. I can't say that they really cared though as they loved being there and can't wait to go again!
After picking strawberries, we headed out to the cemetery!
I love that our kids enjoy this so much and 
want to help with decorating the graves with flowers. 
I hope they grow with a deep appreciation for their ancestors and what a great family they have!
We ended the day with some swimming in the spa at Grandma and Grandpa's and eating dinner with my family!
I even caught my cute Grandpa  swinging in the backyard!


Elizabeth said...

haha, I love that picture of Grandpa and Bart, he loved that hat!!

Rach said...

how fun. i feel like i haven't seen you forever. how've you been?

tammy said...

How fun. And you just reminded me, a farm by our house is letting us come pick peaches for free this morning. Guess I should get off the computer!