Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let the weeklong celebrations begin!

Parker said over and over that this was the best day ever! 
He also told me to tell everyone we saw 
{strangers and friends alike} that he was 5 today! Even when he woke up today, {after the birthday} he asked, 
"Mom, I am still five, right?" he just loves feeling so big!
He also thought that by turning five, 
you don't go to preschool anymore! 
Sorry buddy - but you still have a couple of weeks left.
He woke up to presents and a decorated house. Each one of my kids also love to run outside and see what Grandma and Grandpa did to decorate the front yard. {it is one of their favorite parts of the day}

Parker wanted to "practice" blowing out a candle so we placed one on his french toast and sausage breakfast!

Parker got ice cream before lunch, which he thought was soo cool and than we met dad for lunch at Red Robin - where they gave him another ice cream and sang Happy Birthday! 
Being the great parents that we are, 
we ate his ice cream so he wouldn't get a tummy ache! 
{I just can't believe he fell for it!}
His primary teacher came by and dropped off a sweet card and candy! Parker has felt so loved!

We ended the night with everyone coming over for cake and the opening of more presents!

Now we are off to preschool for day two! That, and I still need to plan his little bowling party! Yikes!


tammy said...

I love that your parents decorate the front yard. Remind me to do that when I have grandkids.

Looks like the best birthday a little boy could wish for.

Elizabeth said...

Cute!!! Happy Bday Parker, we LOVEYOU!!!!

MBlairsLars said...

Happy birhtday Parker!!! We can't believe that you are starting school soon. You are getting to big!!!!

Marci said...

He has the cutest little face! Happy Birthday to Parker :-)!