Monday, June 21, 2010

Girls gone out!

I had the chance to get away for a night with some girlfriends and we sure needed it!
Thanks to our sweet hubbies who eagerly let us leave and took such great care of the kids.
We really had such a good time!
We stayed at the Sheraton in La Jolla.  After checking in, we went to eat at BJ's for dinner.
Check out the individual pazookie  -now 
"That's what I'm talkin about!"
We then went back to the hotel and I tried to convince the girls 
to take pictures in front of the Sheraton sign - key word "tried!"
Getting ready for bed, we were trying to decide who was going to sleep with who - I didn't understand why I wasn't picked first...until Jen brought to attention the bottoms of my feet. Em.Barr.Assing!!!  
I had gone to get a mystic tan and forgot to put 
cream on my feet beforehand!
I promise I shower on a daily basis! 
We got a good laugh out of that one!

The next morning, we were planning on going to a beach boot camp. It wasn't until 9 am so we thought we had plenty of time in the morning to get there. Little did any of us know that we wouldn't wake up until 10 am. WHAT???? 
We seriously couldn't believe it!
So.. instead we woke up and went to the gym and 
Chelsey and Sarah headed out to the pool.
We spent the rest of the day into the night at the spa 
{getting massages}, shopping, and eating sushi for dinner! 
Great way to end the trip!  
My only question: when are we going again?


Princess Sarah said...

Thanks for taking all those pics Heather! I am soooo glad that we did this girls get-away! I am sending your b-day card in the mail...I promise!! :)
I am so going to steal the pics and and update my blog finally!!! I wish I could just cut/paste your whole post!! HA HA HA!! Good job!

Vanessa said...

I seriously want your life.

Marci said...

I'm so jealous! It sounds like a perfect trip...especially the sleeping until 10am :-)!!!