Friday, June 18, 2010

The end of an era!

 I never thought that the day would come that I wouldn't have a little one in preschool! I have such mixed feelings about this one! On the way to Parker's graduation he had big tears because he didn't want to wear the "dress" - AKA the Gown for graduation! He kept saying that he might be embarrassed!
I love that boy! 
Once the graduation began and he saw all of us there, he got really excited and forgot all about the "dress!"  
As usual, Mr. Joe went all out and had every detail covered - 
I love people that think like that!
What a memorable day!
We caught a peek of Parker before 
he was called out to receive his certificate!
We love you Mr. almost kindergartener!


Rach said...

rahe looks so handsome and grown up. i had to fight back tears at lily's graduation. it really is the end of an era. it also means the end of having a kid during the middle of the day.

MBlairsLars said...

Wow, how time does fly. Can't believe he is in the big school now!!! He looks adorable. And how sad are you that you don't have another baby to send to Mr. Joe's class...he seems to be the best!!!

Elizabeth said...

Parker looks so cute in his little dress, that is hilarious that they had him wear that too! Congratulations Parker, we love you!!!

Vanessa said...

Soooo cute! Now on to Kindergarten!

Taryn said...

Love that picture of Parker! Yes, I can't believe they are off to Kindergarten! At least that era isn't over for me quite yet :-) I'm sad to see them grow up!