Monday, May 31, 2010

Rock on 80's!

We seriously went to the funnest 80's party ever! Troy was turning 40 and his wife threw him a party like no other!  She seriously did not overlook one single detail. I have proof - I took about 176 pictures to be exact! It was so stressful to narrow down the photos but here they are:
Just some details to remember:

EVERYONE came dressed up in their 80's attire and I love how Bart ran out an hour before we had to leave and found his awesome Rad  Mr.T shirt! He was working that shirt!

The decorations at the party were crazy- she really made sure that every detail was not forgotten.

The backyard was transformed into Club Troy and there were professional photographers taking pictures as we walked in and an 80's band playing great music [they actually flew the band in from San Francisco} There were huge cut outs of Troy and you could take your picture with them,

Jen and I loved checking out how everyone dressed up and it was really fun to see so many friends from the past!

 The food was an entire production of craziness. They had sushi, the had caviar, they had a mashed potato bar and beef, and grilled cheese sandwiches and hamburger sliders, and Mexican food. Anything you wanted they seemed to have at the party. Also, they had girls walking around with all the great candies from the 80's. Later on in the night, they brought out the best desserts. We definitely had fun with the food.

They played a great video for Troy with pictures from when we were growing up and than of him and Amanda and their children.

Jen, DeeDee and Me                                       Birthday boy and DeeDee

Troy's mom surprised him with the same cake she had made for his 18th birthday party. The cutest surfer cake!

At one point during the night, they had a Micheal Jackson look-alike come and perform MJ's best songs and let me tell you - "Micheal" did a great job impersonating! {We think Micheal may have been a woman!}

When the desserts came out, they had a Madonna floating dessert table and she had all of these great sugar cookies with Troy's face on them and break dancing sugar cookies.  If you didn't want a sugar cookie, there was an amazing Ice Cream/gelato bar with homemade syrups and all the fixings!

 We had the best time at Troy's party and when the night was over, they had hired valet to get our cars, While we were waiting, they had donut holes and an esspresso bar with hot chocolate. They were also handing out CD's with Troy's favorite 80's tunes.  I hope Bart took extensive notes because I am turning the big 4-0 next year! He could pull off something similar, right? We only need a couple hundred thousand dollars to recreate this amazing party!


Pyatt said...

So HILARIOUS!! That looks so fun...and are we on our way to 40??? It just can't be...Father time needs to slow right on down!!

Rebekah said...

Holy expensive!!! Can I be their frined too! That looks like a BLAST! FUn for you!

Marci said...

Amazing!!! You were right...not a detail overlooked!

tammy said...

W.O.W. What an amazing party! That has to be the best 80's party I've seen. I don't think I could've thought up as many details that they did. Fabulous.

MBlairsLars said...

How funny! Amanda knows how to throw a party. You guys looked have the 80's thing down pat!

Mark and Meghan said...

ummmm...seriously crazy! i want to be there and take that all in! sounds amazing.

Rach said...

what a crazy party! looks like fun though. miss you. see you guys in a couple of days

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

AMAZING! I saw these posted on facebook, and had to come check out the blog. This party was incredible! :) SO SO fun!