Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My girl turns 11!

 Maddie  - Our bean burrito Cinco de mayo Baby -
turns 11years old today!
I can hardly believe it! 
She loves to remind me that she is one year closer to going to young women's, babysitting {officially}
and graduating to middle school! 
I can hardly stand it!
In honor of this girls birthday, I want to write the things that we love about our Maddie so we can always 
remember what she was like at this age!
Happy Birthday Meemsy!
Maddie loves babysitting - in fact, Tuesdays are one of her fave days because she gets to watch the Fellar's twin girls! She just loves them!
Maddie loves little kids - if I for some reason can't find Maddie in her sunday school class at church, I can bet you that she is in the nursery helping with the little ones! She will make such a great Mom someday!
Maddie hates being called Madison {her first name} Only Maddie for this girl!
We nicknamed her Maddie, Mat, or  Meemsy.
Maddie loves to play sports - any sport we put her in she naturally excels at it. Hence the Championship win by her softball team this season! That kid can crack a ball!
Maddie HATES  being woken up in the morning and if I do wake her up, I must must keep the bedroom light off. {Is she part vampire?}
Maddie loves music - whenever we are driving in the car, she loves to get her hands on the dial and change the station to her music! She reminds me so much of my twin sister Jen who is to this day, the same way!
Maddie has her own sense of doing things - sometimes it can be good and other times not so fun! She literally likes to move at her own pace!
Maddie loves going to achievement days and even just recently learned how to knit - she is trying to teach me without much luck!
Maddie loves to cook and makes some mean pancakes! I keep seeing culinary arts in her future!
Maddie has a sweet testimony and she is pretty firm in her beliefs! I love that about her!
Maddie loves to snuggle and is always the first to give a kiss and hug to someone in our family!
Maddie is also pretty darn funny and can make us laugh with her quirky dance moves and funny faces!
Maddie  - we are so glad that you are in our lives and we love you so much!
Happy Birthday!


dave said...

Happy Birthday Maddie! heather --your kids are growing up....where does the time go...not long before you have two teenagers in your house!! (this is Jamie but Dave is logged in!)

Bob Jr. said...

Happy Birthday to our Maddie - what a great kid!! You are such an athlete, it is fun to see you compete with such intensity and to see you play all kinds of sports - like grandpa many years ago - if it bounced, or rolled, or you could hit it or throw it - I played it!! I look forward to following your sports adventures Maddie!
I love you!! Grandpa Bob (and Grandma Diane)

Mark and Meghan said...

happy birthday maddie! I LOVE YOU...wish we were closer so we could help celebrate! porter says "happy birthday maddie, i wanna play with you!" we all love you around here mat-mat! have a great day!

Marci said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday :-)!!!

deveney said...

happy birthday maddie! i love this girl, so fun! and heather i need a serious picture/blogging lesson from you-i love all the square pics together with borders..teach me!

Anonymous said...

aww! she is so pretty & i hope she has a Happy Birthday!
my daughter will be 12 in June... WHERE OH WHERE does the time go?
This is a HUUUUUGE year for me... she will be going to Yound Womens' and Jacob will be 8 and getting baptized! how does this happen so quickly!>?!?!?
i think it is really neato frito that her birthday is on Cinco de Mayo!~!
How cool is that!!!!

erika said...

Happy Birthday to Maddie! We love you!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Maddie! Beautiful pictures of you, we love you and hope you had a great bday!!!!

Shaunte Wadley said...

Happy Birthday Maddie! :) :)