Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lemon Cupcakes and one amazing "Maid!"!

These Easter cupcakes were nothing short of fun to make - Just make your favorite lemon cupcakes - a great recipe can be found here {trust me on this one - I personally know the baker!} and also some yummy homemade lemon frosting - the one I made can be found here!
The cupcake part is easy - while the cupcakes are busy baking, you can proceed to make the basket handle. I used floral wire and wrapped crepe paper around it. Just adhere it with double stick tape.
 I also made a simple cupcake wrapper and cut out different sheets of patterned paper. Once done, I used my scallop scissors and trimmed off the top. You can add a sticker or embellishment to either the cupcake wrapper itself or the little basket wire handle. The end result is super cute!
Also, in my spare time {Ha} I ordered some cute Spring craft projects from Paper Source and put them together. Those little chicks are going to look extra cute coming out of the kids Easter baskets.
Now, for the mockery and all of the "How do you find the time?" questions - I have two really great secrets I will let you in on.
#1 - I don't ever get more than about 5 hours of sleep at night! I work best when the kids are in bed...
and #2 - If I do all of this, my house must look awful - well, yes and No - I have the most amazing Maid {A.K.A. mother-in-law} who might just pop in every once in a while and grab arm loads of ironing and take it back to her house and iron for me! What I must have done in the life before to deserve this - I don't know but I'll take it!
 Sue - you're the best!!!


Rach said...

i didn't get the cupcakes. we left thurs and won't be back until monday. yuck! oh the ants on the porch. thank you though! so sweet. did you get my message on your phone?

Marci said...

I can't believe you can get by on so little sleep, but I guess you have to in order to accomplish all you do! I always tell Mike I just need more hours...but I have yet to sacrifice sleeping ones :-). And what an awesome mother in law you have. Love all the cute crafts as always :-)!

Julie B said...

Cute cute ideas!! You are the queen of holidays. I bow down to you!