Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beach pictures and Downtown on a "Good Friday" night!

We took the young women to the beach to scout out photo locations for their fundraiser for Girl's Camp. They are having families go to the beach and the park to have their family pictures taken. It's such a great idea!
  While we were there I managed to get some cute pictures of this growing-before-my-very-eyes 13-year-old girl! 
They turned out pretty darn cute!
I seriously love love love my camera!
After I dropped Caitlin off at home,
I went out to hit the town with these
two crazy ladies that always make me laugh!
 It was Chelsey's birthday {a while back} and we went downtown on a Good Friday!
There were some crazies walking around!
 We ate Sushi and gelato! The best combo in my book!
We also had a lot of fun people
watching as we walked around downtown!
Sarah - we wish you had been with us!

This picture - don't ask - Jen won for the silliest gift! Although I will say we were neck to neck as I gave 
Chelsey an awesome Leopard print Snuggie 
{to add to her collection! :0)}


tammy said...

Great pics!

Looks like a really fun night.

katie said...

i loved going downtown... however, i ALWAYS saw something or someone EXTREMELY creepy. your photos are looking awesome! i wish we had the beach to do some cool shoots on!!!

Princess Sarah said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Looks like I missed out on some major fun times! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :( :( I am crying right now---thanks!