Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter = bunny pictures, Easter baskets, dinner, egg roll and pavlova!

 These were the only two kids I could get to go see the Bunny - hence their baskets had some extra treats in them.
 After opening baskets and watching morning conference we got ready to go to Jen and Kristian's house!
We went to my twin sister's house for Easter Dinner
{our yearly tradition} and it is always a highlight to wrapping up Easter. My kids chit-chat the entire way up about the egg roll, the food {of course} and spending time with their cousins! We really love when we can all get together and celebrate the holiday with yummy food, general conference, our annual egg roll competition and just being together!
And... I've got the pictures to prove it!!
All the cousins!
Everyone loves spending time with Great Grandpa Patton!
The egg roll is serious business for this family and we had the men go over to the dirt hill and prepare the path that the hard boiled eggs would need to roll down from.
The winners this year were Fischer and Uncle Bart!
Those two couldn't be happier about that!
After the egg roll, we came back for the best Easter dinner - ham, pineaple souffle, gulliver's corn, roasted carrots {like Bart's bunny impression?} mashed potatoes, rolls, and.....
of course, Pavlova!
After dinner, everyone found something to play with!
For my dad and Halee it was bouncing balloons!
We ended with the Easter egg hunt for the kids!
No baskets for these kids - only Walmart and Target bags will do!

Happy Easter!


Shaunte Wadley said...

HEY!! My kids have the same easter bags! (walmart sacks) lol.

Marci said...

Your pictures are looking so good! What a fun day! (and that bunny is pretty scary...I'm impressed you got 2 to sit with him :-)

Elizabeth said...

fun! I wish I were there!!

MBlairsLars said...

Your baskets are so cute. Great job (of course). I can't believe how old Caitlin is looking. she is beautiful.

3WimmerBoys said...

You know how to do Easter right! Don't you just love Easter!

Princess Sarah said...

Heather! You look so cute and skinney minney in all the pictures! I miss you! What a fun Easter Day!

tammy said...

I have never participated in an egg roll before. I'm starting to feel like I've lived a very sheltered life.

Looks like tons of fun!