Saturday, February 13, 2010

Temple and a Valentine card! {and Yummy treats in between}

I invited some girls to go to the temple with me!
I really needed it!
I sent out the invites and we were off...

I made these little temple treat bags for the girls 
{you always need lifesavers and Burt's Bees}
After the temple everyone came back to my house to eat
banana cake cupcakes.
I made these cupcakes and my mom's 
yummy cream cheese frosting.
I also found the cutest website called Ticings where I ordered the Valentine rice paper toppers. Super cute!
We also had some chocolate covered strawberries - 
those are always a fan favorite!
After eating to our heart's content, we went in to make homemade valentines for our hubby's.
I showed the girls these homemade ones that I had made back in the day at BYU when I couldn't even afford a card for my spouse - my friend and I would go to the BYU bookstore and sit down and copy all of the cute valentines and then replicate them at home! I really treasure those cheesy cards!

The girls got super creative on me and made some darling valentines for their sweethearts. I also made some little sweet treat bags for them to give their husbands with their cards.
We ended the night by playing a Valentine white elephant game! It was so late that the girls just each opened a gift and just kept it - no stealing or being nasty with these girls!
Happy Valentines Day!


deveney said...

that looks like fun and wow, everything little thing you do is so over-the-top you ever sleep?? i love all your super cute creative ideas:)

Rach said...

lovely! all my tired "deer in the highlights" look. it was a fun night you crazy nut!

tammy said...

You always have the best ideas. I love that you had a girl trip to the temple, complete with invites.

Amy said...

I don't like this post very well. It just makes me sad and weepy and jealous that I'm not there.

and speaking of....a few weeks ago, maybe 2 or 3, I received a voice message on my phone. As I listened, all I could hear was Heather yacking and yacking about this artificial hair product that you can curl...those I could hear were Gigi, Annie and Cara. There was a lot of laughing and gabbing going on and the message went on for about 5+ minutes.

You guys are plotting this, aren't you????

Pam Mueller said...

OOH I am jealous that you have a temple near by! Looks like you had lots of fun!

Julie B said...

You're amazing Heather!