Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So when I don't have time to blog, like around 1-1:30 in the morning, it is because I am extremely busy doing other stuff to keep me away! Just because the holidays have ended doesn't mean the activities and projects are over - it usually means just the opposite! Here are some glimpses into why "I am too busy to blog" right now!

This littler guy has successfully played with and broken every one of his Christmas presents this year! Case in point: This remote control toy was broke within hours after these pictures were taken!

Glad he had fun while it lasted!

Bart and I got a kick out of this picture as the majority of the children belong to our friends (8 of them in fact)
What a great group of kids they have!

Another friend, Melissa, who has since left us and moved to New Mexico, came back for a much needed visit and we had fun eating out and playing my new FAVE game of all time!
I highly recommend it!

Jamie had to leave her hands in fists and her teeth clenched!

Cara had to share a jingle or commercial advertisement before each turn.

Julie had to play an invisible guitar every time she wanted to speak.

Rachel had to pretend sign language and itch herself like crazy.
and don't even ask what my curses were!

While my little sister was in town we went down
to visit the graveside of my Grandma.

She is dearly missed!

I am in the works of planning a special day at
The American Girl doll store with Bailey for her 7th birthday!

These are her invites to the cousins!

Party favors!

I am also attempting to change Caitlin and Maddie's bedroom to look more "grown up" as my oldest puts it! I was really sad to take down all the cute shabby vintage things, but their room is really looking cute!
All I need now is to rent-a-husband to paint and bead board the room - mine is a little busy!

So.. there you have it!
Life is still moving along!

I even made time to blog it


Elizabeth Judd said...

this just reminded me that i REALLY want that game and I'm LOVING Caitlin and Maddie's room, i'ts ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

queenieweenie said...

The American Girl Store! It's one of my favorite places in the whole world. I little (or big) girl's dream!

Rach said...

made time to blog it and go pick up dinner for tomorrow and a movie for the weekend. how was that by the way? thanks for thinking of me. damon laughed when i told him and wonders how you find out everything.

jaredandangela said...

Let me know how Bailey's birthday goes at the American Girl store. I'm considering doing it for Julia's birthday in the spring. It sounds like so much fun!

Annemarie said...

I'm impressed with the frequency of posts here... especially with the busy schedule.
I, on the other hand have been a total slacker in the blog world.

Amy said...

Sounds GOOD busy, Heather! Cute, cute on the girl's room...love the colors and boo hoo for me to miss Melissa coming for a visit:( You ladies all look beautiful! Miss you all.

tammy said...

Love the decor! Let me know if you find where to rent a husband, I could use one too!