Thursday, December 17, 2009

It all started with a question....

Parker saw me baking for parties and friends and every time he asked who or what is was for, he got the same answer - "Not for you, but somebody else!" He had had it, so he finally said "When is our party?" Good question - so I threw the kids a little sugar cookie decorating, craft making, present swapping, silly string tag chasing party of their own! I think they had a great time, and Parker finally got to eat some baked goods!!

These were the invitations!

Party favors!

I baked a bunch of sugar cookies and than I also baked the letter that went with their first name so that we would be able to identify their plates!

Bailey and Carlie should open a bakery

They have got some cookie decorating skillz!

The sugar cookies were a big hit {especially with the boys}

Present swap

The present swap was kind of a success {the little kids didn't quite get the concept of stealing others gifts}

Caitlin helped me with paper candy canes!

The kids were covered in silly string {which they secretly loved!]


MBlairsLars said...

You always have the best ideas! I need to be a better mother like you!

Pyatt said...

What a cute idea and I love that snowflake's you mutt!

Mark and Meghan said...

cute idea head...but TAKE YOUR ADDRESS OFF OF YOUR BLOG!! you dough head!

Marci said...

Ok Heather, I don't think I can read your blog do too many cute things and I do none :-). You have very lucky kiddos!

kguiness said...

Oh my gosh, do you ever sleep? You are so creative and thinking about all the fun things you do impresses me and makes me wonder how the heck you do it all????

tammy said...

My family always feels neglected too when I'm baking all these goodies.