Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brace Face girls!

I promise you that when you find an orthodontist - it is almost like a marriage of sorts. You are going to have him in your life and your kids lives for a very long time.
We love Dr. Pulsipher - he practices in Mira Mesa and he is a member of our church - but more than that - he is very ethical and honest!
My kids were pretty nervous to get their braces started but he made the transition smooth and easy. He really won my girls over when he gave them a gift card to Jamba Juice for their sore teeth.
Anyway, he is great and any of my San Diego girlfriends that are looking for a good orthodontist - look no further! I went to several appointments before I met Dr. Pulsipher and he is by far the BEST!!! Tell him I sent you - he thinks it is funny that I would "plug" about him!

These girls love having colored bands on and the Expander?? - well that was quite the drama in our house for a few days. They are finally over it and now they talk with speech impediments! Soo funny!


Amy said...

Cute girls! Ashlynn's looking forward to this as soon as we land in Kansas!

MBlairsLars said...

They are adorable with or without braces!

Pyatt said...

THey do look so cute with their braces...Mackenzie's first dentist appointment is after the new year...we'll see how it goes! :) Can't Dr. Riding see them all?

Elizabeth Judd said...

they both look so adorable with braces!!

JJDDS said...

Well well well Heather...I am a little sad that you never called me :(

Ok I'm over it now. Don't forget that I will need a job in May 2012 so you better start working on this Dr Pulsipher.

Rach said...

so glad to be done with braces for a little bit. don't make fun of the expander. poor noah. he hated it. so fun seeing you tonight. hope you had fun.