Sunday, December 13, 2009

38 and Felling Great!

I couldn't love my guy more if I tried! I was thinking of all the sappy things I could do like write "38 reasons why I love my man" or tell you all cute little stories about him - but it's quality over quantity - right? Bart is simply the best!
He is like your favorite girlfriend {I mean that in a good way!}
I always tease him that he is quite metro - but truthfully he believes in marriage and communication and raising our kids with strong morals and standards. He is definitely the romantic and always surprises me with his thoughtfulness. He is a great son and loves his parents dearly - he is a great son-in-law and loves my parents dearly. He lives as he talks and has a strong moral compass to guide him in all of his decisions. I trust him with my life and know that he truly wants to serve others and he always finds joy by making other people happy! He is great - he's 38... and thankfully he is all mine!
Happy Birthday B! I love you!

We went tonight to say farewell to some great people - the Kimballs! They are moving to Kansas in a week and will be dearly missed!

Bart would have been fine with just doing that but Cara and I {her hubbies birthday was three days before Bart's} decided to surprise the boys and take them to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and than to the movies to see Invictus! {Soooo good by the way}
It was a fun surprise and an even better night spending it with Cara and Joe!


tammy said...

I love the things you said about your husband - especially about him being the favorite girlfriend! What a great guy you have there (and quite handsome to boot). Hope he had a fabulous birthday.

Mark and Meghan said...

happy happy birthday b-boy! love you to death.

p.s. invictus was way too slow for me! good message, nelson was AMAZING, just tooooo slow!

MBlairsLars said...

Bart is the best! Happy birthday Bart, we hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Elizabeth Judd said...

how fun! I really want to see that movie! Happy Birthday Bart! we love you!!!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Bart, you youngin'!!

Dave said...

Did you rob the cradle or did you start school early? :-)

Pyatt said...

Bart is great...that's why you found each are both great!...well amazing!! Thanks for your message the other day. We need to go for a pink berry soon! Happy Birthday BART!!

Rach said...

i thought you were seeing blindside. what happened? glad you ended up having fun. hope the boys were surprised.