Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm a little surprised I'm still married!

Some weeks are crazier than others!
I have been so busy living the life of a single party girl - I don't know how I still have a husband!

I got the chance to go and speak to the youth up in my friend Jamie's ward.
It's always fun to be with her and my favorite bloggy friend Rachel

Bailey was a Wampenog Indian for her Thanksgiving feast!
She looked so cute!

We celebrated our "young" friend Lizzie's Birthday at Yanni's.
Gigi and I both said that we really needed a good laugh that night
which was had with all those fun girls!

Parker's Thanksgiving Pie Party was nothing short of amazing,
per usual - all thanks to Mr. Joe!
Parker handed me this menu and I had to circle the pie that I wanted!
{I picked banana cream}

Look at that face!

For my Besties Birthday - Cara had the greatest idea to go to see New Moon and wait in line {like a Disneyland ride} with a bunch of screaming teenagers and cougar-like moms! {Presant company excluded} WE LOVED IT!!! Team Jacob all the way for me!

Bart - I'm home - you're turn to go out and live it up!


Mark and Meghan said...

fun head! looks like you've been living it up!! love bailey's thanksgiving outfit..and don't even get me started about parker's preschool! porter can't wait to see parker man!
and we can't wait to see you all! thanksgiving we come! :) (you better not try to pull a "we're not coming.." or else!!!)

Rach said...

will you please have bart call damon when he goes out. Damon is feeling very left out of having fun since i have been out and about all week. i feel just a tad bit bad about all the neglecting that has been going on, but i think if the men folk just have one good night out they might be ok. maybe they should go to the speedway race circuit.

Pyatt said...

Seriously Heather...thanks for speaking to the girls you were amazing...but that PICTURE IS TERRIBLE!! I look like the WW poster child...ARG...really...could you do a new post soon so that isn't at the top of your page...thanks! love ya!

Sandy Toes said...

You do have quite the fun...that is great! It keeps you young and vibrant.
sandy toe

kguiness said...

You are just too fun! What, do you think you are still in college? That's okay, we all feel that young, right?!

Elizabeth Judd said...

fun heady joe! I love how you are team Jacob, is he not the hottest 17 year old you've ever seen in your life?!! hahah, i know that's so ugly, i can say that becuase I"m still in my 20's right?

tammy said...

You are the party girl. And how funny, but I have that same shirt you're wearing at Yanni's. I love it! I'm kind of partial to Jacob too.

Hazen5 said...

I just catching up on your posts after being away for so long! Your my favorite bloggy friend too!