Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mummies and Pumpkin Jacks on Pizza... OH MY!!

It is no small secret that I love Halloween
and all the fun things there are to bake and create!
My kids love helping make mummy pizzas and we even made Jackolantern pizzas this year! They are so simple and super yummy!

Bailey and Parker ate more salami than I care to think about!

The best cheese for the mummy pizzas are the mozarella string cheese...don't forget the olive slices for the eyes!

These definitely didn't turn out as cute - but they tasted good going down!

Mummies anyone?


Annemarie said...

Mummy pizzas are a favorite here, too! Actually...any kind of pizza is.

tammy said...

How fun!

Rebekah said...

Ok. This looks easy...more on my level. I'm gonna do this with my kids. Thanks for posting all your cool ideas! This is going to be my go to website (along with Family Fun).