Saturday, October 24, 2009

I love Fall days!

Fall is upon us and I am psyched to pull out the jackets and sweaters. I actually made hot chocolate for one of my girls soccer games...
it was that chilly!

Today I made homemade stew - the house smelled incredible!
My Maddie girl loves this stuff and as soon as she got home, started asking when we would be eating. It was really hard to hold her off for a few hours!
Here are some other randoms that I took pictures of to remember. Not all days are this fun!

Besides it is fun to look back and see what your kids can add to your day!

Can't you just smell that?

I made pumpkin sandwiches for the kids lunches. They were made of Nutella and peanut butter. I couldn't wait to be praised and raved by all four of my children.
Parker came home from preschool and said,
"That pumpkin thing was gross!
I don't like chocolate and peanut butter."
Whose child is he?
He can't possibly be mine!
Because I love to snoop - Bailey told me that she wrote me some letters during free time at school!
So, I ran to her backpack and found these little notes in there!
I love that girl!

This is Caitlin's sixth year in soccer and her coach said that he didn't think that the girls needed any treats after the game as they were older.
Well, it was our turn to bring the token orange slices and I couldn't help myself! She HAS to have a treat after - so we made some and besides the daggers from the coach, the girls were all pretty excited - mine included!

As I always say - "Life is in the Details!"


MBlairsLars said...

If it is my turn for treats the kids get oranges (without seeds if they are lucky), a bag of cookies and a drink. You always go the extra mile, and I love you for that!

Mark and Meghan said...

sweet bailey!

Rach said...

you are crazy. do you own stock in cellophane?(sp) you seem to wrap all that stuff up in it. when you do fun stuff like that during the day or late at night. call me, i want to do that too.

it was fun seeing you tonight even just for a few moments

Elizabeth Judd said...

yum! that first picture looks delicious! and those notes from bailey are soo cute!

Vanessa said...

You silly Californians. My mom will call and say she is freezing. I ask her the temp. When she tells me its 55 degrees, I just roll my eyes.